Category: Fatwas (Legal ruling)

Acting upon the Sunnah and the ruling on opposing it
Ruling on following the funeral of grave-worshippers
Ruling on carrying the wife of the deceased
The Moon Landing
Words to be said at times of adversity
Ruling on preparing food for the people who attend the funeral
Patience During Hardship
Enduring diseases
Allah will punish the person whom He loves beforehand in this world
Ruling on bury a Mushaf or Qur'an in the grave of deceased
Ruling on gathering on the Prophet's Mawlid
Where is the grave of Al-Husayn?
Ruling on going out to the market without husband permission
Ruling on saying Allah and His Messenger know best
Ruling on applying the phrase Al-Marhum and Al-Maghfur Lahu to the deceased
Ruling on concluding letters and petitions with the phrase May you last forever
Ruling on attributing blessings to nature
Every human is born in a state of fitrah
Every bid'ah is a going astray
Ruling on having multiple Islamic groups
Ruling on a man who claims that he saw the Prophet in a state of wakefulness
Ruling on reciting Surah Ya-Sin over the dead
Ruling on reciting the Qur'an over the dead for a fee
Ruling on hiring people to recite Qur'an for the dead
Way to deal with the followers of Batiniyyah and Ahlul-bi'dah
Hajj by a Mushrik
Ruling on Changing Names after Hajj
The ruling on supplications accompanied by music
Ruling on listening to songs
Ruling on hearing songs or music without intending
What is the kind of bell that is forbidden?
Marriage is Half Your Religion
Palestinian Intifada
On Palestinian Issue
Ruling on extravagant and lavishness during funerals
Hadith about the Prophet putting a palm leave on the graves
Tawhid-ul-Rububiyyah is denied only by deviated people
Copyrights on tapes
Ruling on saying Allah is Omnipresent
Refuting those opining that the rulings of Shari'ah do not match with the present time
Who are the Magians of this Ummah?
Rule on drink Khamr for relieve pains
Ruling on Palmistry
The word 'Aqidah
Do supplication and Sadaqah (voluntary charity) repel the Divine Decree and Predestination?
The authority of Hadith-ul-Ahad
Duties of a teacher
A Muslim is not permitted to seek forgiveness for grandparents who die as Mushriks
Ruling on asking forgiveness for the disbelievers
Ruling on joining religious parties
Each group claims to be the right group
The meaning of 'Newly invented things'
Ruling on the call to rapprochement between religions
Ruling on cauterization as a way of curing epilepsy
Comments on some books of Shaykh Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdul-Khaliq
Response to a letter from Shaykh Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdul-Khaliq and weak Hadith that support the demonstrations
Ruling on using hair medicines
Treatment with rock hyrax dung
Treating tooth problems
Treating the mentally retarded
Treating enuresis
Ruling on treatment with opium
Ruling on treatment with narcotics
Ruling on treating women's breasts
Ruling on treating using snakes
Ruling on treatment with tiger fat
Ruling on treatment with sedatives and tranquilizers
Ruling on treatment with Khamr (intoxicants)
Ruling on treating diabetes with a medicine extracted from pigs
Ruling on taking hypnotic drugs
Ruling on mixing drugs with intoxicating alcohol
Ruling on medicines containing Khamr
Ruling on giving the father a medicine to quit smoking without his knowledge
Ruling on drinking donkey's milk as treatment
Ruling on drinking the blood of human beings as a treatment for rabies
Ruling on cleaning with cologne and alcohol
Ruling on bloodletting
Prohibited medicines
Prescribing a medicine containing alcohol
When was Hajj made obligatory?
Seeking husband's permission to perform obligatory Hajj
Ruling on Hajj
Repeating Hajj
Obligation of Hajj even in the company the followers of Bid'ah
New revert entering the Sacred Precincts without changing his name
Merit of Hajj
Importance of Makkah to Muslims
Ibrahim's proclamation to mankind to perform Hajj
Hastening to fulfill religious obligations
Hajj performed by a person who committed an act of Kufr
Hajj For Minors
Ruling on denying the Hadiths of the Messenger (peace be upon him)
Ruling on masturbation during Ramadan
Ruling on reciting Quran over the dead
Bidahs committed in funerals
Some practices done upon burial
Ruling on the family of the deceased serving food for people and holding ceremonies on certain days
Ruling on seeking help from the Messenger when digging the grave
Ruling on offering condolences to the deceased's family to say: may rest be in your life
Ruling on gathering for offering condolences
On a habit dated to occur twenty, thirty or forty days after the time of death
When there is a funeral, lines of lamps are hung, chairs are brought and reciters of the Qur'an are hired to recite the Qur'an
Ruling on following the funeral of a Kafir and attending his burial
Scale models of the two Sacred Mosques
Ruling on building domes over graves
Committing major sins affects one's faith
Ruling on writing on graves
Ruling on holding funeral ceremonies
Ruling on cutting down harmful trees at graves
Is a tree growing on a grave a sign of anything?
Ruling on listening to songs
This is what Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab believed in
The Salaf are Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah
Ruling on neglecting Tawhid
The duty of a Muslim is to follow the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah
Refuting Darwin's theory that man evolved from an ape-like creature
Ruling on organ transplants
Warning against Rashad Khalifa's denial of the Sunnah
Are the Hanbalis are the only Salafis
On Abdullah Al-Habashy
Ruling on placing the hand on the Mushaf while swearing
Ruling on swearing by Al-Bukhari's Book of Hadith
Ruling on sleeping on the ground for forty days as mourning over the dead
Ruling on swearing by Allah and His Messenger
Ruling on slaughtering sheep for the deceased
Ruling on three pieces of clay for the dead
Ruling on Al-Uns Salah
Ruling on a wife of the deceased wears a white dress and does not take a bath
Ruling on relatives of the deceased sitting beside the grave
Ruling on Adhan after burying the dead in the grave
Status of the Sufi orders in Islam
Ruling on setting up tents beside the graves
Ruling on placing Henna in the Grave with the Deceased
Ruling on placing book in the grave
Ruling on eating from mixed money some of which can be ill-gotten
Eating With Fingers