Category: Al-Wala' Wal-Bara' (loyalty and disassociation for Allah's Sake)

Rule on associating with the disbelievers
Ruling on Muslims residing in a non-Muslim country
What should a son do who was raised by an ignorant family
Ruling on the call to rapprochement between religions
Is it permissible to bow to greet a Muslim or a non-Muslim?
Ruling on standing up as a way of honoring the national anthem
The principle of Al-Wala' wal-Bara'
Ruling on following the funeral of a Kafir and attending his burial
Manufacturing crosses is prohibited
Ruling on reading Bible
Ruling on ascribing a person to Judaism or Christianity
Evidence on the invalidity of the Christian creed
The Gospel of today is not the same that Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) sent down
Impermissibility for Muslims to celebrating the millennium or other occasions of Non-Muslims
Wishing to migrate to France where things are tough on Muslims
Treating Christians kindly
Ruling on visiting relatives who love disbelievers
Ruling on traveling to non-Muslim countries
Ruling on taking part in the celebrations of the People of the Book
Ruling on Staying in non-Muslim country
Ruling on spending the night in the house of a Mushrik
Ruling on speaking with a Kafir
Ruling on sharing the same places of worship with non-Muslims
Ruling on returning the greeting of a Christian, attending their funeral, and offering condolences for them
Ruling on returning a Christian's lost object and saving them from drowning
Ruling on reading the Bible and swearing by it
Ruling on presents given by disbelievers and worshippers of idols to Muslims in their festivals
Ruling on participating in disbelievers' festivals
Ruling on Muslim participating and paying in a farewell party for a non-Muslim
Ruling on participating in the missionary organizations competitions
Ruling on participating with Christians in their non-religious celebrations
Ruling on participating in Christian feasts
Ruling on offering a non-Muslim guest unlawful food
Ruling on the Muslims who live in the lands of the disbelievers
Ruling on Muslims and non-Muslims exchanging visits
Ruling on Muslims and Christians exchanging congratulations
Ruling on a Muslim working in non-Muslim country
Ruling on Muslim wearing a cross
Ruling on Muslims entering non-Muslim places of worship
Ruling on making pictures of Christian symbols such as the cross
Ruling on living with non-Muslims
Ruling on listening to Christian programs to know more
Ruling on listening to Christian broadcast
Ruling on keeping the company of a brother who refuses to enter Islam
Ruling on Non-Muslims entering Masjids
Ruling on invoking Allah for the Kafir
Ruling on importing goods bearing the Swiss flag symbol
Ruling on honoring the people of Bid'ah
Ruling on hiring a non-Muslim
Ruling on having one temple for the three religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Ruling on hanging a non-Muslim country's flag on a Muslim's chest
Ruling on giving a non-Muslim neighbor from the Udhiyah
Ruling on making friendship with a Christian
Ruling on eating foods prepared for Neyruz feast after it
Ruling on decorating the Masjid minaret with Christian decoration
Ruling on students congratulating Hindu teachers on their feasts
Ruling on congratulating a Christian teacher or who commits acts of Shirk
Ruling on saying that nowadays the Christians are better than Muslims in dealings
Ruling on celebrating holidays of Non-Muslims
Ruling on Celebrating Christmas
Ruling on attending the parties of a related unbeliever
Ruling on attending festivities of Christians
Ruling on attending Buddhist ceremonies
Ruling on accept kafirs invitation
Ruling on loving and mingling with Kafirs
Ruling on imitating Jews and Christians in their weekends
Reward in the Hereafter for a disbeliever treating a Muslim kindly
Permissibility of the People of the Book's food
Obligations towards non-Muslim co-workers
Take not as friends the people who incurred the Wrath of Allah
Loyalty to Kafirs that takes one out of Islam
Love for the Sake of Allah
Ruling on haircuts that imitate disbelievers
Ruling on granting the nationality of a Muslim country to a non-Muslim
Dealing with a Dhimmy
Dealing with Christian neighbors
Coercion on disbelief
Abd Al-Muttalib's love for the Prophet
Ruling on loyalty to the Mushrik family
Ruling on befriending with those who worship the graves
Ruling on initiating Salam with non-Muslims
Ruling on those contradicts decisive texts from the Qur'an and authentic Hadith
Ruling on attending mushrik weddings
It is not permissible to kill resident or immigrant disbelievers