Category: Rulership

Correct methodology for advising the rulers
The Believer's Stance towards the Trials (Fitnah)
Ruling on the view that not rebel against the ruler as a defeatist thinking which manifests weakness
It is not permissible to rebel against him if revolution leads to greater harm
Obeying rulers and scholars in Ma'ruf to set things right
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If we suppose that a certain group has a lawful excuse to rebel against a ruler
Does giving the pledge of allegiance entail supplicating to Allah for those in authority?
Ruling on beliveing have the right to break the laws that have been made by the ruler
Response to a letter from Shaykh Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdul-Khaliq and weak Hadith that support the demonstrations
Advising or complaining to the ruler from someone abandoning the congregational Salah
The Hadith: 'You will have rulers some of whom you will approve of and some you will disapprove of'
Ruling on taking money to break the law
Ruling on standing up as a way of honoring the national anthem
Ruling on shaving the beard and being unable to perform some Salahs during military service
Ruling on lying to and deceiving the ruler
No obedience in matters involving disobedience to Allah
Tawbah to prevent the execution of the Hadd
Stoning versus lashing a previously married man committing Zina
Responsible for Qisas
Punishment on the Day of Resurrection for someone to whom the Hadd has been administered
Permissibility of the victim's guardian giving up the right of executing the Hadd
Paying money instead of executing the Hadd
Forgiving the people of good qualities their slips
A family executing the Hadd of Zina if living in a country that does not apply Shari'ah
Executing Hadd in the absence of the ruler
Obedience to the ruler
Ruling on seeking the help of Kafirs in fighting other Kafirs
The Palestinians differ in their opinions regarding the peace process
Ruling on criticize rulers openly on the Minbar (pulpit)
There is no way to achieve that unless advice is exchanged
Ruling on rebel against the rulers
It is not permissible to kill resident or immigrant disbelievers
Is enjoining Ma'ruf and forbidding Munkar by the hand is a right for all Muslims or is it just confined to those in authority and their deputies?
Clarification of the rulers' rights upon the Ummah