Ruling on reading a book that includes Tawassul through the Prophet and asking for his intercession


What is the ruling on reading the book entitled “Dala’il Al-Khayrat” by Imam Muhammad ibn Sulayman Al-Jazuly which contains daily Awrad (oft-recited invocations) that include beseeching and seeking to approach Allah (Tawassul) by means of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and begging him for his Shafa‘ah (intercession), such as saying, “O Muhammad! O our beloved! We are beseeching your Lord in your name, so please intercede for us with the Great Lord” and also, “O Allah! We seek by his virtue his intercession for us with You; for he is the most eminent intercessor with You. We adjure You by him, as he is the greatest one to adjure You by his right. We seek to draw close to You through him, as he is the nearest means to You, descendant of the most noble origin.”


If this book includes Tawassul by means of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and seeking his intercession with Allah to have one’s requests granted, it is impermissible for you to read it, as Allah says: “Say: “To Allâh belongs all intercession.” (Surah Al-Zumar, 39: 44).

Allah also says: “Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His Permission” (Surah Al-Baqarah, 2: 255). He also says: “Have they taken (others) as intercessors besides Allâh? Say: “Even if they have power over nothing whatever and have no intelligence?”” (Surah Al-Zumar, 39: 43).

Say: “To Allâh belongs all intercession.” (Surah Al-Zumar, 39: 44) Adherence to reciting the Qur’an and the Adhkar (supplications) authentically reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) is enough, so you need not read the Awrad in such books as “Dala’il Al-Khayrat” and its like. The authentic Adhkar are numerous, and they can be found in books such as “Riyad Al-Salihin” and “Al-Adhkar Al-Nawawiyyah” by Imam Al-Nawawy , “Al-Kalim Al-Tayyib” by Ibn Taymiyyah , “Al-Wabil Al-Sayyib” by Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah be merciful to them all), and other books written by Ahl Al-Sunnah (those adhering to the Sunnah).

May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.

  • Date: Dhu al-Hijjah 8, 1441 AH
  • Source: Fatawa Al-Lajnah Ad-Da'imah no. 8879
  • Muftis: Shaykh Abdullah ibn Ghudayyan , Shaykh Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz , Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq al-Afify , Shaykh Abdullah ibn Qa'ud