False Karamahs


It is said that there are chosen men who can perform extraordinary events such as coming to perform Hajj without using any means of transportation or attending a Funeral Prayer in Makkah while living far away from there. Is the wind made subservient to lead them wherever they want? Please, advise.


Such things are baseless in Shari’ah and are superstitious invented by some people. Some Sufis pretend to have Karamahs (extraordinary events performed by a pious person), rendering them able to reach Makkah without any means of transportation; but this is surely falsehood. Or, they would have contact with Jinn or worship them, so that the Jinn would carry them to Makkah or any other place, as stated by Shaykh Abu Al-Abbas Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah be merciful to him) and other scholars.

To summarize, such matters are just superstitious beliefs held by some Sufis and those like them, who falsely allege to be Awliya’ (the pious worshippers of Allah or holy persons) possessing Karamahs. But, in actual fact, they are the Awliya’ (votaries) of Satan, that is why the Jinn carry them from one place to another. Thus, when these Sufis worship and serve the Jinn, they receive their help in moving from one place to another in return.