On Palestinian Issue


What is the way of solving the Palestinian issue which becomes more complicated each day?


The Muslim is deeply grieved and filled with sorrow as the Palestinian situation goes from bad to worse, and gets more complicated, until it has ended up in the state we have seen in recent days, because of differences among neighbouring nations and their failure to stand together as one against the enemy and their failure to adhere to the rule of Islam on which Allah has made victory dependent, and has promised those who adhere to it that they will gain power and become powerful in the land, and has warned of grave danger and a severe punishment, if the neighbouring nations do not hasten to unite once more and adhere to the Islamic ruling concerning this matter, which concerns them and the entire Islamic world.

It is worth pointing out in this context that the Palestinian issue is an Islamic issue, first and last, but the enemies of Islam are striving their utmost to remove it from the Islamic map and make the non-Arab Muslims think that it is an Arab issue that does not concern the non-Arabs. It seems that they have succeeded in that to some extent.

So I think that a solution cannot be reached in this matter unless it is regarded as an Islamic issue and the Muslims cooperate to find a solution, and wage an Islamic jihad against the Jews, until the land is given back to its people and the Jewish immigrants go back to the countries from which they came, and the original Jewish inhabitants stay in their towns under Islamic rule, not communist or secular rule. In this manner truth will prevail and falsehood will be defeated, and the people whose land it is will return to their land under Islamic rule and none other. And Allah is the source of strength.

  • Source(s): Majmu' Fatawa of Sh.Ibn Baz 1/227
  • Mufti(s): Shaykh Ibn Baz