Category: Treatments

Rule on drink Khamr for relieve pains
Ruling on cauterization as a way of curing epilepsy
Ruling on using hair medicines
Treatment with rock hyrax dung
Treating tooth problems
Treating the mentally retarded
Treating enuresis
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Ruling on treatment with Khamr (intoxicants)
Ruling on treating diabetes with a medicine extracted from pigs
Ruling on taking hypnotic drugs
Ruling on mixing drugs with intoxicating alcohol
Ruling on medicines containing Khamr
Ruling on giving the father a medicine to quit smoking without his knowledge
Ruling on drinking donkey's milk as treatment
Ruling on drinking the blood of human beings as a treatment for rabies
Ruling on cleaning with cologne and alcohol
Ruling on bloodletting
Prohibited medicines
Prescribing a medicine containing alcohol
Ruling on organ transplants