Category: Tawassul

Is it permissible to vow or sacrifice for the sake of this Waliy?
A poem attributed to Imam Abu Hanifah
Ruling on offering sacrifices at the shrines and supplicating to their inhabitants
Tawassul through the entities, honor, or right of creatures
Tawassul through the Qur'an and certain days
Tawassul through the blessing of the Qur'an or some creatures
Tawassul through the Messenger and Awliya
Tawassul through creatures
Invoking the Prophet’s honor or parents’ pleasure upon rising from one's seat
Ruling on believing in Awliya’ as a means of healing from illnesses and holding annual Mawlids for them
Ruling on reading a book that includes Tawassul through the Prophet and asking for his intercession
Seeking the help of the dead or the absent is major Shirk
Ruling on supplicating to the Awliya to ward off evil and pretending to know the Ghayb
Do Awliya’ have authority over anyone?
The etiquette the Messenger followed when visiting graves
Tawassul through prophets and Awliya
Tawassul through the Awliya'
Tawassul to Allah by the honor, sanctity or blessings of the Prophet or another person
Ruling on visiting the graves to supplicate to the dead or ask for their help or intercession