Shaykh 'Abdullah ibn Mani'

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Sulayman ibn Muhammad ibn Mani’ from the tribe of Banu Zayd, whose lineage goes back to Qada’ah from Qahtan, whose most important city is Shaqra’.

His Birth:

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Mani’ was born in Shaqra’, the capital of the region of Al-Washm, on 15th Sha’ban, 1349 A.H.

His Educational Background:

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Mani’ completed his preliminary studies at the Shaqra’ School in 1365 A.H.

He then graduated from the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in 1377 A.H. He attained his Master’s degree from the High Judicial Institute, which is part of the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, in 1389 A.H.

His Work Experience:

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Mani’ worked as a teacher at the Shaqra’ School for 3 years from 1369 A.H., then as a teacher at the Educational Institute in Al-Mujamma’ah and Shaqra’ in 1375 A.H. and 1376 A.H. He then worked as a librarian for Dar Al-Kutub Al-Sa’udiyyah in 1377 A.H. He then worked as a member of the Committee for Ifta’ from late 1377 A.H. until 1396 A.H. In the years 1390, 1391, 1392, and 1394 A.H., he was appointed for judicial work in the Scholarly Council and the Higher Council of the Judiciary, which were later replaced by the High Judicial Council. Then, in 1396 and 1397 A.H., he worked as General Deputy to the Chairman of the Departments of Scholarly Research, Ifta’, Da’wah, and Guidance. At the end of 1397 A.H. he was appointed as a judge in the Court of Cassation in the western region of Makkah, and he is still in that post to date.

His Posts:

  1. Member of the Council of Senior Scholars
  2. Member of the Supreme Council for Religious Endowments
  3. Member of the Supreme Council for Communities Care
  4. Member of the Supreme Council of the Dar Al-Hadith Charity in Makkah Al-Mukarramah
  5. Member of the Supervision and Fatwas Committee in a number of Islamic Banks

His Scholarly Works:

Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn Mani’ has a number of books to his name, the following of which have been published:

  1. Al-Waraq Al-Naqdi: Haqiqatuhu Wa Tarikhuhu Wa Hukmuhu (printed twice)
  2. Hiwar Ma`a Al-Maliki Fi Rad Dalalatuh Wa Munkaratuh, (printed five times and translated into Urdu and distributed in India, Pakistan, and other countries)
  3. Al-`Iqd Al-Farid Fi Nasab Al-Haraqis Min Banu Zayd

The following books are to be published in the future:

  1. Ahadith Fi Al-Idha`ah
  2. Fatawa Fi Al-Salah Wa Al-Sawm Wa Al-Hajj
  3. Buhuth Iqtisadiyyah
  4. Risalah Fi Zakat `Urud Al-Tijarah
  5. Hiwar Ma’a Al-Ishtrakiyyin Fi Adwa’ Al-Shari`ah Al-Islamiyyah

He also has made many contributions in the fields of mass media such as press, radio, and television.

He also supervises students in the preparation of their theses at the Master’s degree and Doctorate levels, whilst also taking part in the (university) committee that discusses theses.