Category: Taharah (Purification)

When does passing wind become an annulment of Wudu'?
Performing Wudu' (ablution) in case of certainty that some impurity was discharged
Touching or shaking hands with woman
Touching one's penis invalidates Wudu'
Thinking of women while performing Wudu'
Some drops of urine are released after Istinja'
Ritual Impurity of Maniy
Repeating Wudu' and Salah if a person knows that some impurity was discharged during Salah
The perfume sprayed on one's hands does not invalidate Wudu'
Penis erection does not invalidate Wudu'
Passing wind invalidates Wudu'
Mere touching Najasah does not invalidate Wudu'
Looking at one's private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
Ruling on looking at naked men and women by a person having Wudu'
Flowing of blood from anywhere other than the private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
Emission of wind from a woman’s vagina
Emission of white fluid
Doubting that he has undergone ritual impurity
Do not listen to the insinuations of Satan
Does looking at women with or without lust invalidate Wudu’ (ablution)?
Discovering after Salah that a person might have urinated in bed
Deep sleep probably invalidates Wudu'
Certainty is not removed by doubt
Breaking wind invalidates Wudu'
The bitter liquid vomited after eating or drinking
Belly noise does not invalidate Wudu'
An infant's urine should be washed but does not invalidate Wudu'