Category: Salah (Prayes)

Validity of acts of worship by someone committing a sin that entails executing the Hadd
The claim that Islam is based on morals and not Salah
Salah of a menstruating woman
Ruling on missing the Fajr prayer due to practicing masturbation
Ruling on wearing something bearing a cross while praying
Should all the Salahs prayed after a forgotten Salah be repeated when this Salah is remembered?
Salah of a person who drinks intoxicants
Obligation of Salah on a Mukallaf
Making up for missed Salah due to unconsciousness or sickness
Making up for missed Salah due to sleep or other reasons
Exhorting children to pray
Ruling on deliberate abandoning or delaying of Salah after its prescribed time
Clothing for women during Salah
Repeating Wudu' and Salah if a person knows that some impurity was discharged during Salah
Penis erection does not invalidate Wudu'
Looking at one's private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
Flowing of blood from anywhere other than the private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
Discovering after Salah that a person might have urinated in bed
Deep sleep probably invalidates Wudu'
Certainty is not removed by doubt
An infant's urine should be washed but does not invalidate Wudu'