Category: Mawdu & Daif Hadiths

Hadith: 'By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, if you did not sin'
Weak Hadiths: 'Fitnah is asleep. May Allah the Curse of Allah be upon the one who wakes it up' and 'Stay away from verdure growing in manure'
Fabricated Hadith: 'When my servant becomes forty years old, I will guard them against three afflictions'
Fabricated Hadith: 'A time will come when most people have the faces of human beings and the hearts of wolves'
Fabricated Hadith: 'There is no better man than 'Ali and no sword other than Dhu Al-Faqar'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Rajab is the Month of Allah, Sha'ban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah'
Fabricated Hadith: 'My Sahabah are like stars; whomever you follow, you will be guided'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Love Arabs for three reasons'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Light covers the person who performs ablution'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Learn witchcraft but do not practice it'
Fabricated Hadith: 'I am the best person for the wicked people of my Ummah'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Difference among my Ummah is a mercy'
Fabricated Hadith: 'The best among you is the one whose first child is a girl'
Fabricated Hadith: 'Anyone who dies without knowing the Imam of his time will die the death of one belonging to Jahiliyyah'
The Hadith: 'Much laughter kills the heart'
Hadith: 'Fear Allah and fear those who fear Him'
Touching one's penis invalidates Wudu'