Category: Al-Nikah (Marriage)

A woman is not guilty of sin if she advises her negligent husband
It is not permissible to give the daughters of Sunni families in marriage to the sons of Shi’is or Communists
Ruling on a Muslim Marrying a Shi’i
Should a man who discovers that his wife is not a virgin demand his Mahr?
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Greediness and dissatisfaction with simple life, dowries and expenditures for weddings have become exorbitant,that is why marriages have decreased
Merits of hastening to marry
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A wife inheriting from the husband's Diyah as well as other property
The remaining amount of Mahr with the husband as a part of the wife's inheritance
A husband's inheritance from his wife
A husband died after lending his wife some money without her repaying it
Excluding the bedroom and the wife's property from the husband's inheritance
Seeking husband's permission to perform obligatory Hajj
Ruling on Zina especially where one is away from the spouse
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Administering the Hadd to the masturbator
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Qadhf of the wife
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