Category: Inheritance

A wife inheriting from the husband's Diyah as well as other property
Ruling holding a funeral ceremony for the deceased
Starting by distributing the inheritance or repaying the debt
Repaying the debt of a deceased debtor to a deceased creditor
Repaying the deceased's debt to the Real Estate Development Fund before fulfilling the will, unless one of the children repays it
Repaying the deceased's debt in full before distributing the inheritance
Repaying the deceased's debt before distributing the inheritance
The remaining amount of Mahr with the husband as a part of the wife's inheritance
Obligation of repaying the deceased's debt before the inheritance
Obligation of repaying the deceased's debt before distributing the shares of inheritors
Impermissibility of paying Sadaqah from the inheritance without the heirs' permission
A husband's inheritance from his wife
A husband died after lending his wife some money without her repaying it
Excluding the bedroom and the wife's property from the husband's inheritance
Everything the deceased has left as the sole right of heirs
Distributing the inheritance after one of the heirs has traded in it and made profits
Distributing the inheritance according to Shari'ah
Answering misconception related to women's inheritance
Impermissibility of building the Masjid from the shares of minors