Category: Hisbah

The Hadith: 'Whoever among you sees an evil'
Warning against the bad deeds of Fasiq persons is not tale-bearing
Scholars are obliged to enjoin good and forbid evil
Someone who mentions another's faults in his face
Ruling on someone committing some misdeeds such as trailing the garment, shaving the beard, backbiting and tale-bearing
Muslim's attitude towards political parties
Matters that need disapproval of evil
Advising or complaining to the ruler from someone abandoning the congregational Salah
Advising sinners and disobedient people and one's attitude towards them
No obedience in matters involving disobedience to Allah
Stoning versus lashing a previously married man committing Zina
Disapproving evil done by relatives
There is no way to achieve that unless advice is exchanged
It is not permissible to kill resident or immigrant disbelievers
Is enjoining Ma'ruf and forbidding Munkar by the hand is a right for all Muslims or is it just confined to those in authority and their deputies?
Clarification of the rulers' rights upon the Ummah
Ruling on those who abstain from enjoining good and forbidding evil
What is the proper manner of enjoining right and forbidding evil