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  1. Ruling on praying behind an imam from the bareilawi sect
  2. A woman is not guilty of sin if she advises her negligent husband
  3. Who Are The Ikhwanul Muslimin
  4. The Jama'ah Is What Conforms To The Truth Even If You Are Alone
  5. What to do when there is too much fitnah and division
  6. Jama'at Al-Tabligh are Modern-Day Sufiyyah (Tasawwuf)
  7. Hajj by a Mushrik
  8. Ruling on Changing Names after Hajj
  9. Act of Jahiliyyah in Muharram
  10. Ruling on Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  11. The ruling on supplications accompanied by music
  12. Ruling on listening to songs
  13. Ruling on hearing songs or music without intending
  14. What is the kind of bell that is forbidden?
  15. Tafsir Surat Al-Tawbah 23-24
  16. Tafsir Surat Al-Ankabut Ayat 8
  17. Ruling on reciting Al-Fatihah for the deceased when visiting his grave
  18. What is the origin of the forty-day anniversary?
  19. It is not permissible to give the daughters of Sunni families in marriage to the sons of Shi’is or Communists
  20. Rapprochement Between The Shi'ah And The Sunnis Is Not Possible
  21. Ruling on a Muslim Marrying a Shi’i
  22. Marriage is Half Your Religion
  23. Ruling On Burying Non-Sunnis With Sunnis In The Same Graveyard
  24. Ruling On Reciting Al-Fatihah At The Time Of A Man's Proposal To A Woman
  25. Correct methodology for advising the rulers
  26. Ruling on Anasheed
  27. The Salaf warned against the story-tellers
  28. Was the Ka'bah clad with a covering at the time of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)?
  29. What is the meaning of Bid'ah?
  30. The meaning and types of Bid'ah
  31. Acts of worship are Tawqifi
  32. Ruling on extravagant and lavishness during funerals
  33. The differences between the Ahl-ul-Sunnah and Shiites
  34. Are Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism considered religions?
  35. The Qarmatians and Al-Batiniyyah
  36. Punishment in the Grave
  37. It was not authentically reported that a dead person can see the Prophet in his grave
  38. Is there any Adhkar from the Qur'an and the Sunnah that can be said to rescue one from the punishment of the grave?
  39. Hadith about the Prophet putting a palm leave on the graves
  40. Giving the Muslims' sins to the Jews and Christians
  41. Entering Jannah is by the bounty of Allah, not by good deeds
  42. Should a man who discovers that his wife is not a virgin demand his Mahr?
  43. Rule on a woman refuses any person proposing for her betrothal and wants to be married only to her paternal cousins
  44. Prohibition of giving women in marriage without their permission
  45. It is permissible to refuse marriage when there is a Shar'i excuse
  46. Is a man considered a Mahram for the sister of his wife?
  47. Discovering that one's wife is not a virgin
  48. Advice to those who wish to marry but cannot afford the expenses
  49. Tawhid-ul-Rububiyyah is denied only by deviated people
  50. Copyrights on tapes
  51. Ruling on saying Allah is Omnipresent
  52. Rule on preventing a girl from marrying due to the opinion of a family member
  53. Is it permissible for a father to force his daughter to marry a person whom she does not want to marry?
  54. It is not permissible to delay the marriage of the younger girl
  55. Greediness and dissatisfaction with simple life, dowries and expenditures for weddings have become exorbitant,that is why marriages have decreased
  56. Merits of hastening to marry
  57. Refuting those opining that the rulings of Shari'ah do not match with the present time
  58. Ruling on describing worldly inventions as Bid'ah
  59. What is meant by Halal (lawful) and Haram (prohibited) in Islam
  60. Validity of acts of worship by someone committing a sin that entails executing the Hadd
  61. Rule on drink Khamr for relieve pains
  62. False Karamahs
  63. Can a person be excused for their ignorance regarding the fundamentals of Tawhid
  64. Ruling on using phrase 'peace be upon him' to anyone other than the Messenger
  65. Quburiyyun (grave worshippers)
  66. Tafsir Surah Yusuf, Ayah 106: 'And most of them believe not in Allah...'
  67. Tafsir Surah Al-Tawbah, Ayahs 76 to 78
  68. Tafsir Surah Al-Tawbah, Ayah 4: 'Except those of the Mushrikun with whom you have a treaty...'
  69. Ruling on a husband who treats his wife unjustly
  70. Ruling on cursing one's children or wife
  71. Commenting on criticism among Du'ah (Callers to Islam)
  72. Ruling on beseeching the Messenger for help
  73. Be fair and equitable with your children
  74. Warning against talking about people's honor and Ghibah
  75. Jarh wa Ta'dil and investigating Hadith still remain
  76. On Shaykh Al-Albani
  77. Rule on associating with the disbelievers
  78. The ruling on Taswir of an inanimate objects
  79. Ruling on Taswir (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)
  80. The ruling on putting pictures in homes
  81. The ruling on keeping useful magazines that contain pictures
  82. The ruling on keeping pictures
  83. The ruling on caricatures
  84. Issue on Taswir (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)
  85. Ruling on Muslims residing in a non-Muslim country
  86. Executing one who apostatizes from Islam
  87. Do supplication and Sadaqah (voluntary charity) repel the Divine Decree and Predestination?
  88. Ruling on following Sufi Shaykhs
  89. The Believer's Stance towards the Trials (Fitnah)
  90. Ruling on the view that not rebel against the ruler as a defeatist thinking which manifests weakness
  91. It is not permissible to rebel against him if revolution leads to greater harm
  92. What should a son do who was raised by an ignorant family
  93. Meaning and types of Taqlid and the ruling on each type
  94. Reconciliation of the Four Schools of Jurisprudence
  95. It is obligatory on Muslims to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah
  96. Ruling on Al-Mirghaniyyah or Al-Khatmiyyah Tariqah (Sufi order)
  97. Definition of Makruh
  98. The authority of Hadith-ul-Ahad
  99. Learning the Glorious Qur'an
  100. The book: 'Al-Jawahir by Shaykh Zayn Al-Din Al-Malibary' is not considered a reliable source
  101. Extent of obligatory knowledge
  102. It is impermissible for a person to remain ignorant
  103. Ruling on book entitled 'Kashf Al-Akinnah' by Abdul-Wahhab Mahiyyah
  104. Publishing Islamic books as a Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity)
  105. Duties of a teacher
  106. The Hadith: 'I saw 'Amr ibn 'Amir Al-Khuza'i dragging his intestines in the Fire'
  107. A Muslim is not permitted to seek forgiveness for grandparents who die as Mushriks
  108. Ruling on asking forgiveness for the disbelievers
  109. Ruling on whoever dies as a minor
  110. Ruling on Ahl Al-Fatrah
  111. The Prophet's parents
  112. The fate of the children of the disbelievers
  113. The fate of Ahl Al-Fatrah
  114. Can a Muslim's ignorance of creed be excused?
  115. Ruling on watching movies and television and playing cards during the daytime in Ramadan
  116. Is the month of Ramadan an exclusive feature of the Muslims?
  117. Advise for Muslims on the occasion of the beginning of blessed Ramadan
  118. Ruling on joining religious parties
  119. knowledge has faded and the scholars have died
  120. Obeying rulers and scholars in Ma'ruf to set things right
  121. Each group claims to be the right group
  122. The Hadith: 'All of them will be in Hellfire except one'
  123. The meaning of 'Newly invented things'
  124. Answering a question presented by a Muslim brother on some issues of Bid'ah and Shirk
  125. We do not declare a Muslim as a disbeliever for committing a sin unless he believes it is lawful.
  126. Ruling on making Sujud and slaughtering for other than Allah out of ignorance
  127. Ruling on kufr 'Amali (disbelief in actions)
  128. The importance of women's face-veil
  129. Tafsir of the Ayah: 'The Hand of Allâh is over their hands.'
  130. Ruling on the call to rapprochement between religions
  131. Ruling on cauterization as a way of curing epilepsy
  132. Ibn Taymiyyah did not approve celebrating the Prophet's Mawlid
  133. Ruling on Tabarruk from the Messenger (peace be upon him) after his death
  134. The Hadith: 'Allah curses the person who offers a sacrifice to anyone other than Allah'
  135. Is it permissible to vow or sacrifice for the sake of this Waliy?
  136. Ruling on believing the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not have a shadow like ordinary human beings
  137. Dealing with Sufi shaykhs and their followers
  138. Ruling on writing the Exalted Name 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' (peace be upon him) parallel on a paper, portraits, wall or the like
  139. Living in a village where there are Bid'ahs
  140. A poem attributed to Imam Abu Hanifah
  141. Tafsir Surah Aal Imran Ayat 6
  142. No Basmalah in Surah Al-Tawbah
  143. What are the Hadith Qudsy?
  144. Mubahalah between the Messenger (peace be upon him) and the Christians
  145. Ruling on reciting some Ayahs incorrectly
  146. Ruling on committing Lahn while reciting Qur'an
  147. How to learn Tajwid
  148. Inability to properly pronounce the Arabic letter 'ض' [dad]
  149. Tijaniyyah Tariqah (Sufi order)
  150. Do the Al-Asha'irah belong to Ahl Al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah or not?
  151. Ruling on claiming that the Call to Islam does not need knowledge
  152. Ruling on accusing some of the Imams of Ahl Al-Sunnah of committing Bid'ah (innovation in Islam)
  153. Ruling on those who claim that Jesus was not raised to the heavens and will not return at the end of time
  154. Hadith: 'Run away from the leper as you would run away from a lion'
  155. On various Islamic movements
  156. The Messenger (peace be upon him) did not stretch his hand from his grave to anyone
  157. Jama'at Al-Ahbash
  158. Ruling on abstains from supplicating to Allah for the ruler
  159. If we suppose that a certain group has a lawful excuse to rebel against a ruler
  160. Does giving the pledge of allegiance entail supplicating to Allah for those in authority?
  161. Ruling on beliveing have the right to break the laws that have been made by the ruler
  162. Comments on some books of Shaykh Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdul-Khaliq
  163. Response to a letter from Shaykh Abdul-Rahman ibn Abdul-Khaliq and weak Hadith that support the demonstrations
  164. Ruling on using the word 'Sayyid'
  165. Ruling on knowledge seekers insult the Scholars
  166. Ruling on celebrating the Prophet's Mawlid during Rabi' Al-Awwal in his honor
  167. Ruling on using hair medicines
  168. Treatment with rock hyrax dung
  169. Treating tooth problems
  170. Treating the mentally retarded
  171. Treating enuresis
  172. Ruling on treatment with opium
  173. Ruling on treatment with narcotics
  174. Ruling on treating women's breasts
  175. Ruling on treating using snakes
  176. Ruling on treatment with tiger fat
  177. Ruling on treatment with sedatives and tranquilizers
  178. Ruling on treatment with Khamr (intoxicants)
  179. Ruling on treating diabetes with a medicine extracted from pigs
  180. Ruling on taking hypnotic drugs
  181. Ruling on mixing drugs with intoxicating alcohol
  182. Ruling on medicines containing Khamr
  183. Ruling on giving the father a medicine to quit smoking without his knowledge
  184. Ruling on drinking donkey's milk as treatment
  185. Ruling on drinking the blood of human beings as a treatment for rabies
  186. Ruling on cleaning with cologne and alcohol
  187. Ruling on bloodletting
  188. Prohibited medicines
  189. Prescribing a medicine containing alcohol
  190. The Hadith: 'Whoever among you sees an evil'
  191. Hadith: 'By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, if you did not sin'
  192. The existence of Ya'juj and Ma'juj and attributing them to human beings
  193. Will the Antichrist appear?
  194. Who is Al-Mahdy?
  195. Who are Ya'juj and Ma'juj and where are they?
  196. The trial of Al-Dajjal
  197. Will the dead feel the coming of Al-Dajjal?
  198. Some of the signs of the Hour
  199. The meaning of the existence of Al-Dajjal and describing him as 'one-eyed'
  200. Authenticity of the Hadiths mentioning Al-Dajjal
  201. Gog and Magog
  202. The coming out of Al-Mahdy
  203. Authentic book that deals with the signs of the Day of Judgment and the battles
  204. Al-Jassasah
  205. Reports about the Awaited Al-Mahdy and the descending of 'Isa
  206. Abdullah ibn Sayyad
  207. The difference between Arab and non-Arab Christians
  208. The claim that Islam is based on morals and not Salah
  209. Ruling on disagreement between groups
  210. What are the fundamentals and principles of the Salafi Da'wah
  211. The difference between 'Aqidah and Manhaj
  212. Learning Arabic
  213. Warning against the bad deeds of Fasiq persons is not tale-bearing
  214. Scholars are obliged to enjoin good and forbid evil
  215. Someone who mentions another's faults in his face
  216. Ruling on someone committing some misdeeds such as trailing the garment, shaving the beard, backbiting and tale-bearing
  217. Muslim's attitude towards political parties
  218. Matters that need disapproval of evil
  219. Advising or complaining to the ruler from someone abandoning the congregational Salah
  220. Advising sinners and disobedient people and one's attitude towards them
  221. Ruling on Muslims who cannot practice their rites publicly
  222. Necessity of Hijrah for anyone who fears for his religion in his country
  223. Hijrah from countries of Kufr, sorcery and charlatanism
  224. Fleeing with religion from non-Muslim countries
  225. Conditions of Dar Al-Harb and Dar Al-Kufr
  226. The meaning and conditions of Hijrah
  227. On diversity of Muslim groups
  228. The Mutafayhiqun
  229. The meaning of Taqwa
  230. The meaning of knowing Islam with evidence
  231. Who are Ahl-ul-Qiblah?
  232. Calling people to Allah with wisdom and fair preaching
  233. Calling Muslims who do not know Islam
  234. Celebrating the Prophet's Mawlid
  235. Ruling on celebrating the Prophet's Mawlid
  236. The Hadith: 'You will fight against the Jews and you will gain victory over them. The stones will saying: 'Oh slave of Allah! there is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him'
  237. The Hadith on splitting of this Ummah into seventy-three sects
  238. Reason behind disagreement among Imams Malik, Ahmad and Al-Shafi'i
  239. Ruling on obedience to parents leads to committing sins
  240. Ruling on a father who breaks all contact with his daughter due to her wearing Hijab
  241. Revenue from endowed land
  242. Ruling on borrowing from money dedicated as Waqf
  243. Is it permissible to bow to greet a Muslim or a non-Muslim?
  244. Meaning of the Qur'anic verse: '...and those (slaves) whom your right hands possess'
  245. The Hadith: 'You will have rulers some of whom you will approve of and some you will disapprove of'
  246. The Hadith: 'Every flesh that has grown up from unlawful earnings, Hellfire is most entitled to it'
  247. The Hadith: 'Before the Last Hour there will be Fitnahs like pieces of a dark night'
  248. Ruling on believing in Al-Shadhiliyyah order
  249. Ruling on taking money to break the law
  250. Ruling on standing up as a way of honoring the national anthem
  251. Ruling on shaving the beard and being unable to perform some Salahs during military service
  252. Ruling on lying to and deceiving the ruler
  253. No obedience in matters involving disobedience to Allah
  254. Ruling on medical insurance
  255. Ruling on Insurance
  256. Ruling on health Insurance
  257. Ruling on applying health insurance to company employees
  258. A wife inheriting from the husband's Diyah as well as other property
  259. Ruling holding a funeral ceremony for the deceased
  260. Starting by distributing the inheritance or repaying the debt
  261. Repaying the debt of a deceased debtor to a deceased creditor
  262. Repaying the deceased's debt to the Real Estate Development Fund before fulfilling the will, unless one of the children repays it
  263. Repaying the deceased's debt in full before distributing the inheritance
  264. Repaying the deceased's debt before distributing the inheritance
  265. The remaining amount of Mahr with the husband as a part of the wife's inheritance
  266. Obligation of repaying the deceased's debt before the inheritance
  267. Obligation of repaying the deceased's debt before distributing the shares of inheritors
  268. Impermissibility of paying Sadaqah from the inheritance without the heirs' permission
  269. A husband's inheritance from his wife
  270. A husband died after lending his wife some money without her repaying it
  271. Excluding the bedroom and the wife's property from the husband's inheritance
  272. Everything the deceased has left as the sole right of heirs
  273. Distributing the inheritance after one of the heirs has traded in it and made profits
  274. Distributing the inheritance according to Shari'ah
  275. Answering misconception related to women's inheritance
  276. Impermissibility of building the Masjid from the shares of minors
  277. When was Hajj made obligatory?
  278. Seeking husband's permission to perform obligatory Hajj
  279. Ruling on Hajj
  280. Repeating Hajj
  281. Obligation of Hajj even in the company the followers of Bid'ah
  282. New revert entering the Sacred Precincts without changing his name
  283. Merit of Hajj
  284. Importance of Makkah to Muslims
  285. Ibrahim's proclamation to mankind to perform Hajj
  286. Hastening to fulfill religious obligations
  287. Hajj performed by a person who committed an act of Kufr
  288. Hajj for minors
  289. Should illegitimate children be attributed to their known father?
  290. Ruling on bringing up a foundling
  291. Ruling on attributing the Laqit to its adopter
  292. Ruling on adopting a foundling
  293. Illegitimate children should be attributed to their mother
  294. His daughter left his house and then returned bearing an illegitimate male child
  295. After Li'an, should the child be attributed to his grandfather?
  296. Stipulating the payment of usurious interests upon delay in repaying the financial card
  297. Ruling on using Samba visa card
  298. Ruling on using the silver and gold credit card
  299. A company issued a card for employees to use when buying a commodity
  300. A card that transfers the money from the buyer's account to the seller's immediately
  301. Borrower paying a certain amount of the loan when delaying repayment
  302. Basics of economy in Islam
  303. Weak Hadiths: 'Fitnah is asleep. May Allah the Curse of Allah be upon the one who wakes it up' and 'Stay away from verdure growing in manure'
  304. Fabricated Hadith: 'When my servant becomes forty years old, I will guard them against three afflictions'
  305. Fabricated Hadith: 'A time will come when most people have the faces of human beings and the hearts of wolves'
  306. Fabricated Hadith: 'There is no better man than 'Ali and no sword other than Dhu Al-Faqar'
  307. Fabricated Hadith: 'Rajab is the Month of Allah, Sha'ban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah'
  308. Fabricated Hadith: 'My Sahabah are like stars; whomever you follow, you will be guided'
  309. Fabricated Hadith: 'Love Arabs for three reasons'
  310. Fabricated Hadith: 'Light covers the person who performs ablution'
  311. Fabricated Hadith: 'Learn witchcraft but do not practice it'
  312. Fabricated Hadith: 'I am the best person for the wicked people of my Ummah'
  313. Fabricated Hadith: 'Difference among my Ummah is a mercy'
  314. Fabricated Hadith: 'The best among you is the one whose first child is a girl'
  315. Fabricated Hadith: 'Anyone who dies without knowing the Imam of his time will die the death of one belonging to Jahiliyyah'
  316. The Hadith: 'Much laughter kills the heart'
  317. The Hadith: 'Anything I command you to do, perform of it as much as you can; and anything I forbid you to do, abandon it'
  318. The Hadith: 'There is no obedience to a creature if it involves disobedience to the Creator'
  319. The Hadith: 'A strong believer is better than a weak believer'
  320. The Hadith: 'When Allah wills good for His servant, He uses him'
  321. The Hadith: 'Verily, Allah helps this religion even through a wicked person'
  322. There is many a reciter of the Qur'an whom the Qur'an curses
  323. The Hadith: 'None of you will have faith until his desire is in accordance with what I have brought.'
  324. The Hadith: 'None of you will have faith until he loves me more than his father, his children, and all mankind'
  325. Hadith: 'Fear Allah and fear those who fear Him'
  326. If some person finds a sum of money but none asks about it
  327. Found a watch in the street, took and wore it but later it broke down
  328. Ruling taking any of the belongings left by the pilgrims after their leaving Makkah
  329. Ruling on some person found an amount of money that is inconsiderable in the eyes of common people
  330. Ruling Picking up Luqatah
  331. Ruling on one when he was young he found a wallet in the street and gave it to his paternal cousin
  332. Ruling on together with his brothers they found a sum of money in the street and gave it to their father
  333. Ruling on a person found a wallet and spent the money
  334. Ruling on a person found a wallet and divided the money between him and his friend
  335. Luqatah found in Al-Haram
  336. Luqatah in Al-Haram is not to be picked up except by someone who will make a public announcement about it
  337. Ruling on if one found a sum and announced it, but he could not find its owner
  338. Ruling on a man found a collection of golden ornaments and sold them because he was ignorant of the ruling of Luqatah in Al-Haram
  339. He found a brass statue of a bird and sold it
  340. Found a gold ring in the street and gave it to his mother who would ask people if anyone lost a ring
  341. I found a sum of money somewhere and asked people there about it but it was not theirs
  342. Ruling on forgets something with a merchant and does not return to take it
  343. Ruling on denying the Hadiths of the Messenger (peace be upon him)
  344. claiming that some Hadiths contradict the Qur'an
  345. Who is meant by the reference 'Related by the Three or Five Compilers'
  346. Do the books of Hadith explain the Qur'an?
  347. Claiming there are Hadith Munkar related by Al-Bukhari
  348. The basic rule concerning any commands of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is that they denote obligation
  349. Ruling on Zina especially where one is away from the spouse
  350. Ruling on paying the woman money to have intercourse
  351. Ruling on befriending women
  352. Professing committing Zina
  353. Confusion in lineage as a reason behind prohibiting Zina
  354. Salah of a menstruating woman
  355. Tawbah to prevent the execution of the Hadd
  356. Stoning versus lashing a previously married man committing Zina
  357. Responsible for Qisas
  358. Punishment on the Day of Resurrection for someone to whom the Hadd has been administered
  359. Permissibility of the victim's guardian giving up the right of executing the Hadd
  360. Paying money instead of executing the Hadd
  361. Forgiving the people of good qualities their slips
  362. A family executing the Hadd of Zina if living in a country that does not apply Shari'ah
  363. Executing Hadd in the absence of the ruler
  364. Ruling on bestiality
  365. Ruling on swearing not to masturbate but returning to it
  366. Ruling on masturbation
  367. Ruling on masturbation for medical purposes
  368. Ruling on cursing the masturbator
  369. Ruling on missing the Fajr prayer due to practicing masturbation
  370. Ruling on masturbation to prove the need to marry
  371. Ruling on masturbation during Ramadan
  372. Ruling on masturbation by means of pressing the prostate area
  373. Is having a wet dream similar to masturbation?
  374. Comparison between masturbation and looking at women
  375. The Ayahs that state the prohibited immoral sexual practices
  376. Administering the Hadd to the masturbator
  377. Ruling on a wife practicing Qadhf with her husband
  378. Qadhf of the wife
  379. Ruling on following Malik in religious rulings as he derived them
  380. Ruling on acting in accordance with Imam Malik's School of Jurisprudence
  381. Lesbianism and its Hadd
  382. Ruling on sodomy and the effect on illegitimate children
  383. Ruling on lesbianism
  384. Ruling on intending to commit sodomy
  385. Suing the one who does Qadhf
  386. Ruling on wearing something bearing a cross while praying
  387. Should all the Salahs prayed after a forgotten Salah be repeated when this Salah is remembered?
  388. Salah of a person who drinks intoxicants
  389. Obligation of Salah on a Mukallaf
  390. Making up for missed Salah due to unconsciousness or sickness
  391. Making up for missed Salah due to sleep or other reasons
  392. Exhorting children to pray
  393. Ruling on deliberate abandoning or delaying of Salah after its prescribed time
  394. Clothing for women during Salah
  395. Prophet Ibrahim's (Abraham, peace be upon him) rescue from his enemies
  396. On raising up of Jesus and his being created without a father and the reason behind the permissibility of Jihad
  397. The Messiah 'Isa (Jesus) was no more than a Messenger of Allah
  398. The descent of Jesus before the end of time as a prophet and messenger is one of the major signs of the Hour
  399. Covering the Awrah
  400. The life of Jesus, his descent, destroying the cross, killing pigs and calling to the truth
  401. Sufi belief in Al-Khadir (peace be upon him)
  402. The status of Prophet 'Isa according to the Qur'an and Sunnah
  403. Singling out 'Isa for being raised to the heavens
  404. Ruling on making distinctions between the prophets and deeming one of them to be superior to others
  405. The reason behind calling Jesus (peace be upon him) as Al-Masih
  406. The translation of the Glorious Qur'an by Muhammad Asad is fatal error
  407. The prophet sent before Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  408. Isa (Jesus, peace be upon him) was not killed or crucified
  409. Is Al-Khadir (peace be upon him) still alive?
  410. The descent of Jesus before the end of the time
  411. A decisive statement about the life or death of Jesus and where he is now
  412. Ruling on claiming that Maryam (Mary) the daughter of 'Imran got married after giving birth to Isa (Jesus, peace be upon him)
  413. Ruling on claiming that Al-Khadir (peace be upon him) takes care of people in rivers and deserts
  414. The bodies of messengers are still intact and do not decay after death
  415. The gospels' glad tidings of sending Muhammad and Allah's showing the lies of the Christians and Jews
  416. Is Al-Khadir a prophet or a righteous man?
  417. Working according to Ahad Hadith in matters of 'Aqidah and Muslims' 'Aqidah about 'Isa (Jesus, peace be upon him)
  418. The wisdom behind sending messengers over sporadic periods
  419. Was there any messenger before Nuh?
  420. The Jews killing prophets
  421. The grave of Isma'il (peace be upon him)
  422. Ruling on believing that Jesus (peace be upon him) has a father
  423. Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him)
  424. The name of Ibrahim's father
  425. People's need for Allah's Messengers
  426. On the Jews and Christians concerning the crucifixion of Jesus
  427. Number of prophets and messengers
  428. On movie entitled (A Man from Babel) about the life story of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him)
  429. Is Adam a prophet or a messenger?
  430. Ruling on denies Abraham (peace be upon him) was thrown in the fire
  431. The difference between Major Shirk and Minor Shirk
  432. Tafsir Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 258
  433. Revelation of Hadith
  434. The Anti-Christ (Al-Dajjal)
  435. Deceitful acts of dervishes
  436. Obedience to the ruler
  437. Warning against seeking Fatwa from ignorant people and those who follow false doctrines
  438. Tawhid comes first
  439. Ruling on reciting Qur'an over the dead
  440. Bid'ahs committed in funerals
  441. The principle of Al-Wala' wal-Bara'
  442. Tafsir Surah Yusuf Ayat 106
  443. Tafsir Surah Al-Qalam Ayat 42
  444. Tafsir Surah Maryam Ayat 71
  445. Tafsir Surah Al-Furqan Ayat 68-69
  446. Tafsir Surah Fatir Ayat 28
  447. Tafsir Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 256
  448. Tafsir Surah Al-Nisa Ayat 145
  449. Some Sufi shaykhs pay a great deal of attention to making domes on graves and people believe in its usefulness and blessings
  450. How to cure hardheartedness
  451. Reasons for many young people deviating from the Din (Religion)
  452. Shaykh Ibn Baz on Islamic unity, Sufi groups, spread of Bid'ahs and misguidance, and the duties of Ahl-us-Sunnah towards them
  453. Ruling on the call to rapprochement between religions
  454. Some practices done upon burial
  455. Ruling on the family of the deceased serving food for people and holding ceremonies on certain days
  456. Ruling on seeking help from the Messenger when digging the grave
  457. Ruling on offering condolences to the deceased's family to say: may rest be in your life
  458. Ruling on gathering for offering condolences
  459. On a habit dated to occur twenty, thirty or forty days after the time of death
  460. When there is a funeral, lines of lamps are hung, chairs are brought and reciters of the Qur'an are hired to recite the Qur'an
  461. Ruling on following the funeral of a Kafir and attending his burial
  462. Ruling on seeking the help of Kafirs in fighting other Kafirs
  463. What should a woman do when she has her monthly period and she is unable to offer Salah
  464. Scale models of the two Sacred Mosques
  465. Ruling on building domes over graves
  466. Difference between the words Nasrani and Masihi
  467. Ruling on offering Salah behind a man who opposes Ahl Al-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah such as Al-Ash'ari and the like
  468. Committing major sins affects one's faith
  469. Disapproving evil done by relatives
  470. Meaning of Shirk
  471. Ruling on writing on graves
  472. Ruling on holding funeral ceremonies
  473. Ruling on cutting down harmful trees at graves
  474. Is a tree growing on a grave a sign of anything?
  475. How to call those who are influenced by certain cultures to Islam
  476. Ruling on offering sacrifices at the shrines and supplicating to their inhabitants
  477. Ruling on Simaniyyah Tariqah (Sufi order)
  478. Ruling on listening to songs
  479. Does committing sins obliterate the blessing?
  480. Ruling on saying Sadaqallah Al-Adhim when finishing reading the Qur'an
  481. Woman's Hijab color
  482. Wearing black clothes
  483. Ruling on women wearing a brassiere
  484. Ruling on women wearing sheer clothes
  485. Ruling on a woman wearing tight clothes
  486. Ruling on a Women uncovering their hands in the presence of non-Mahrams
  487. Ruling on a woman removing hair from her body
  488. Ruling on a woman who cover her head and uncover her face
  489. Ruling on wearing tight shirts
  490. Ruling on wearing skirt's opening
  491. Ruling on wearing scarf that covers the head partially leaving some hair uncovered
  492. Ruling on wearing ornamented clothes at weddings
  493. Ruling on trimming eyebrows
  494. Ruling on trimming eyebrows and the hair in between
  495. Ruling on those who believes that wearing black clothes will be in Hellfire forever
  496. Ruling on parting hair on side
  497. Ruling on a man paying no attention to his women's clothes
  498. Ruling on using artificial nails, eye lashes, and colored contact lenses
  499. Ruling on men neglecting their Mahrams
  500. Ruling on sufis who stab themselves with daggers and knives and other tools
  501. On false statement: 'Anyone who does not have a shaykh, his shaykh will be the devil'
  502. The Magi of the Muslim Ummah are Al-Qadariyyah
  503. The ruling on Al-Ikhwan-ul-Muslimun (the Muslim Brotherhood) group
  504. Ruling on writing fiction
  505. The Shari'ah's stance regarding searching for Scholars faults
  506. Manufacturing crosses is prohibited
  507. Tawassul through the entities, honor, or right of creatures
  508. Tawassul through the Qur'an and certain days
  509. Tawassul through the blessing of the Qur'an or some creatures
  510. Tawassul through the Messenger and Awliya
  511. Tawassul through creatures
  512. Invoking the Prophet’s honor or parents’ pleasure upon rising from one's seat
  513. Ruling on believing in Awliya’ as a means of healing from illnesses and holding annual Mawlids for them
  514. Ruling on reading a book that includes Tawassul through the Prophet and asking for his intercession
  515. Seeking the help of the dead or the absent is major Shirk
  516. Ruling on supplicating to the Awliya to ward off evil and pretending to know the Ghayb
  517. Do Awliya’ have authority over anyone?
  518. Ruling on reading Bible
  519. Ruling on ascribing a person to Judaism or Christianity
  520. Islam's attitude towards the People of the Book
  521. Evidence on the invalidity of the Christian creed
  522. Deeming Jews and Christians, who do not believe in Muhammad, to be disbelievers
  523. The distortion that Christianity underwent is confirmed
  524. The Four Juristic Schools and their authenticity
  525. The Gospel of today is not the same that Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) sent down
  526. The most important books in Aqidah (Creed)
  527. Ruling on book entitled: 'Al-Mustatraf'
  528. Ruling on the book entitled: 'Biography of Master Shaykh Ubayd Al-Sharif'
  529. Impermissibility for Muslims to celebrating the millennium or other occasions of Non-Muslims
  530. Do the Jinn know knowledge of Unseen?
  531. The etiquette the Messenger followed when visiting graves
  532. Tawassul through prophets and Awliya
  533. Tawassul through the Awliya'
  534. Tawassul to Allah by the honor, sanctity or blessings of the Prophet or another person
  535. Ruling on visiting the graves to supplicate to the dead or ask for their help or intercession
  536. Ruling on the Wirds of Al-Tijaniyyah, Al-Qadiriyyah and others
  537. Ruling on the recitation of Al-Tijaniyyah and Al-Qadiriyyah and praying behind their followers
  538. Ruling on reading the virtues of Shaykh Abdul-Qadir
  539. Ruling on Masjid controlled by Al-Tijaniyyah followers
  540. Ruling on the Imamate of a follower of Al-Tijaniyyah tariqah (sufi order) and praying behind them
  541. Exaggeration of the Qadiriyyah order
  542. Ruling on Naqshabandiyyah Order
  543. Al-Tijaniyyah is one of the most disbelieving and misguided tariqahs (sufi orders)
  544. Ruling on Al-Mahdiyyah Tariqah (Sufi order)
  545. Ruling on Al-Habriyyah tariqah
  546. Does the Shirk mentioned in the Qur'an: 'And do not marry Al-Mushrikât till they believe' include those who follow some Tariqahs (sufi orders) such as Al-Tijaniyyah?
  547. Ruling on Al-Burhamiyyah Tariqah
  548. The creed of Barelwiyyah (Barelvis) Sufi Order
  549. Scholars' books on Shiite 'Aqidah and their details
  550. Ruling on the present Shiites
  551. Ruling on marrying from those who invoke Al-Hasan, Al-Husayn and 'Aly apart from Allah
  552. Ruling on the followers of Al-Imamiyyah
  553. Ruling on eating animals slaughtered by Ja'faris Shi'ah
  554. Ruling on claiming that 'Ali is ranked as a prophet and Jibril made a mistake
  555. Ruling on Imamite Shi'ah sect in Islam and its origin
  556. The difference between Sunnis and Shi'ah
  557. Dawoodi Bohras
  558. Dawoodi Bohras women kissing their leader's hands and feet and those of his family
  559. Al-Batiniyyah
  560. The reality of the Iranian Shi'ah and confuting those who claim there is no true Muslim leader except Ayatollah Khomeini
  561. Al-Ibadiyyah
  562. Al-Khawarij
  563. Wishing to migrate to France where things are tough on Muslims
  564. Treating Christians kindly
  565. Ruling on visiting relatives who love disbelievers
  566. Ruling on traveling to non-Muslim countries
  567. Ruling on taking part in the celebrations of the People of the Book
  568. Ruling on Staying in non-Muslim country
  569. Ruling on spending the night in the house of a Mushrik
  570. Ruling on speaking with a Kafir
  571. Ruling on sharing the same places of worship with non-Muslims
  572. Ruling on returning the greeting of a Christian, attending their funeral, and offering condolences for them
  573. Ruling on returning a Christian's lost object and saving them from drowning
  574. Ruling on reading the Bible and swearing by it
  575. Ruling on presents given by disbelievers and worshippers of idols to Muslims in their festivals
  576. Ruling on participating in disbelievers' festivals
  577. Ruling on Muslim participating and paying in a farewell party for a non-Muslim
  578. Ruling on participating in the missionary organizations competitions
  579. Ruling on participating with Christians in their non-religious celebrations
  580. Ruling on participating in Christian feasts
  581. Ruling on offering a non-Muslim guest unlawful food
  582. Ruling on the Muslims who live in the lands of the disbelievers
  583. Ruling on Muslims and non-Muslims exchanging visits
  584. Ruling on Muslims and Christians exchanging congratulations
  585. Ruling on a Muslim working in non-Muslim country
  586. Ruling on Muslim wearing a cross
  587. Ruling on Muslims entering non-Muslim places of worship
  588. Ruling on making pictures of Christian symbols such as the cross
  589. Ruling on living with non-Muslims
  590. Ruling on listening to Christian programs to know more
  591. Ruling on listening to Christian broadcast
  592. Ruling on keeping the company of a brother who refuses to enter Islam
  593. Ruling on Non-Muslims entering Masjids
  594. Ruling on invoking Allah for the Kafir
  595. Ruling on importing goods bearing the Swiss flag symbol
  596. Ruling on honoring the people of Bid'ah
  597. Ruling on hiring a non-Muslim
  598. Ruling on having one temple for the three religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  599. Ruling on hanging a non-Muslim country's flag on a Muslim's chest
  600. Ruling on giving a non-Muslim neighbor from the Udhiyah
  601. Ruling on making friendship with a Christian
  602. Ruling on eating foods prepared for Neyruz feast after it
  603. Ruling on decorating the Masjid minaret with Christian decoration
  604. Ruling on students congratulating Hindu teachers on their feasts
  605. Ruling on congratulating a Christian teacher or who commits acts of Shirk
  606. Ruling on saying that nowadays the Christians are better than Muslims in dealings
  607. Ruling on celebrating holidays of Non-Muslims
  608. Ruling on Celebrating Christmas
  609. Ruling on attending the parties of a related unbeliever
  610. Ruling on attending festivities of Christians
  611. Ruling on attending Buddhist ceremonies
  612. Ruling on accept kafirs invitation
  613. Ruling on loving and mingling with Kafirs
  614. Ruling on imitating Jews and Christians in their weekends
  615. Reward in the Hereafter for a disbeliever treating a Muslim kindly
  616. Permissibility of the People of the Book's food
  617. Obligations towards non-Muslim co-workers
  618. Take not as friends the people who incurred the Wrath of Allah
  619. Loyalty to Kafirs that takes one out of Islam
  620. Love for the Sake of Allah
  621. Ruling on haircuts that imitate disbelievers
  622. Ruling on granting the nationality of a Muslim country to a non-Muslim
  623. Dealing with a Dhimmy
  624. Dealing with Christian neighbors
  625. Coercion on disbelief
  626. Abd Al-Muttalib's love for the Prophet
  627. Ruling on buying books from Ibadiyyah sect
  628. This is what Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab (may Allah be merciful to him) believed in
  629. Annulling Shahadah
  630. Ruling on congratulating others in the new Gregorian or Hijri years or the Mawlid
  631. Ruling on loyalty to the Mushrik family
  632. Ruling on befriending with those who worship the graves
  633. Ruling on initiating Salam with non-Muslims
  634. Ruling on those contradicts decisive texts from the Qur'an and authentic Hadith
  635. Ruling on attending mushrik weddings
  636. Ruling on book of Deobandi Jama'at Tabligh entitled 'Tablighi Nisab'
  637. Ruling on joining Jama'at Tabligh
  638. False story made by the Sufi Shaykh of Jama'at Tabligh
  639. Advice to the Jama'at Tabligh and Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun
  640. The Salaf are Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah
  641. Ruling on hating the Salafis
  642. Ruling on sitting with Mubtadi's (ones who introduces innovations in religion)
  643. Ruling on turning a wife against her husband
  644. Ruling on neglecting Tawhid
  645. The duty of a Muslim is to follow the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah
  646. Adhering to the Sunnah and following the Salaf
  647. Ruling on attacking scholars
  648. A parents belong to Al-Rafidah (a Shiitic group)
  649. Isma'ilism sect
  650. Difference between Ahlus-Sunnah and Shi'ah
  651. The Reality on the 'Aqidah (creed) of Al-Khawarij
  652. Ba'ath Party
  653. Refuting Darwin's theory that man evolved from an ape-like creature
  654. Ruling on organ transplants
  655. The Palestinians differ in their opinions regarding the peace process
  656. Ruling on criticize rulers openly on the Minbar (pulpit)
  657. Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun (the Muslim Brotherhood) group
  658. There is no way to achieve that unless advice is exchanged
  659. Ruling on rebel against the rulers
  660. It is not permissible to kill resident or immigrant disbelievers
  661. Is enjoining Ma'ruf and forbidding Munkar by the hand is a right for all Muslims or is it just confined to those in authority and their deputies?
  662. Clarification of the rulers' rights upon the Ummah
  663. Ruling on those who abstain from enjoining good and forbidding evil
  664. What is the proper manner of enjoining right and forbidding evil
  665. Ruling on slaughtering animals, engaging in Dhikr and beating drums during celebrations of Mawlid
  666. Was Buddha a Prophet?
  667. Is there a revealed book for Buddhism?
  668. Warning against Rashad Khalifa's denial of the Purified Sunnah
  669. A reply to the claims of BBC
  670. On Habashi Sect
  671. Are the Hanbalis are the only Salafis
  672. Ruling on placing the hand on the Mushaf while swearing
  673. Ruling on swearing by Al-Bukhari's Book of Hadith
  674. Ruling on sleeping on the ground for forty days as mourning over the dead
  675. Ruling on swearing by Allah and His Messenger
  676. Ruling on slaughtering sheep for the deceased
  677. Ruling on three pieces of clay for the dead
  678. Ruling on Al-Uns Salah
  679. Ruling on a wife of the deceased wears a white dress and does not take a bath
  680. Ruling on relatives of the deceased sitting beside the grave
  681. Ruling on Adhan after burying the dead in the grave
  682. Why are the Sufis interested in pronouncing the name of Allah rather than referring to His Attributes
  683. What is Sufism
  684. The pledge of Sufis
  685. Tablighi Jama'at and offering Salah in Masjids containing graves
  686. Sufis who beat themselves with skewers
  687. Sufi superstitions
  688. Status of the Sufi orders in Islam
  689. The pledge taken from a Sufi Shaykh
  690. Origin and the creeds of Sufism
  691. Misguidance of all Sufis
  692. Ruling on kissing the hands and feet of the Sufi Shaykh
  693. The followers of Sufism stance on their shaykhs
  694. Ruling on Prophet's songs
  695. Ruling on setting up tents beside the graves
  696. Ruling on placing Henna in the Grave with the Deceased
  697. Ruling on placing book in the grave
  698. Claiming to have dream of deceased who command him to build a shrine for the deceased
  699. Ruling on hanging photos of the deceased at home
  700. The beggar sufis sect
  701. Sufi orders, litanies, and Adhkar
  702. What is the ruling of Islam on the Sufi orders that exist today
  703. Sufism and their false ancriptions
  704. When does passing wind become an annulment of Wudu'?
  705. Performing Wudu' (ablution) in case of certainty that some impurity was discharged
  706. Touching or shaking hands with woman
  707. Touching one's penis invalidates Wudu'
  708. Thinking of women while performing Wudu'
  709. Some drops of urine are released after Istinja'
  710. Ritual Impurity of Maniy
  711. Repeating Wudu' and Salah if a person knows that some impurity was discharged during Salah
  712. The perfume sprayed on one's hands does not invalidate Wudu'
  713. Penis erection does not invalidate Wudu'
  714. Passing wind invalidates Wudu'
  715. Mere touching Najasah does not invalidate Wudu'
  716. Looking at one's private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
  717. Ruling on looking at naked men and women by a person having Wudu'
  718. Flowing of blood from anywhere other than the private parts does not invalidate Wudu'
  719. Emission of wind from a woman’s vagina
  720. Emission of white fluid
  721. Doubting that he has undergone ritual impurity
  722. Do not listen to the insinuations of Satan
  723. Does looking at women with or without lust invalidate Wudu’ (ablution)?
  724. Discovering after Salah that a person might have urinated in bed
  725. Deep sleep probably invalidates Wudu'
  726. Certainty is not removed by doubt
  727. Breaking wind invalidates Wudu'
  728. The bitter liquid vomited after eating or drinking
  729. Belly noise does not invalidate Wudu'
  730. An infant's urine should be washed but does not invalidate Wudu'
  731. Period during which the heavens, earth and what lies in them were created
  732. Allah creating all things in general
  733. The meaning of Tawhid-ul-Rububiyyah and Tawhid-ul-Uluhiyyah
  734. Eating from mixed money some of which can be ill-gotten
  735. Eating With Fingers